Rise of the Podcast

Woman in purple dress with computers behind her and microphone in front of her.

Over the last couple of years podcasting has become a very interesting craze. Being honest, I feel a little late to the game. I’m a very visual person and the thought of listening to someone talk sounded… well… boring. I’ve never been more wrong.

As I write this, it feels like the whole world is going crazy, as we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. We’re all searching for something to give us some semblance of normalcy. Enter the podcast. 

I’m an avid Spotify user. And one day I came across a podcast. I didn’t even realize that Spotify HAD podcasts but I gave it a go. WoW!  There is literally a podcast for every subject, from crime and punishment to comedy to news, etc. While I was running low on Netflix shows to binge, I now have this new world of millions of podcasts to listen to. 

Staying busy, taking our minds off the current pandemic situation, while staying safe and isolated is so important at this time. At this point we’re going to start seeing a surge in NetflixPrimeVideoYouTube and Podcast consumption, as well as many other online entertainment applications. In 2019 Edison Research published a report on Podcast Consumers stating:

The audience for podcasting grew significantly in the past year. Today, 51% of Americans 12+ have ever listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week.

In addition, podcasting’s Share of Ear has more than doubled in five years, increasing 122% since 2014.

Finally, 54% of podcast consumers say that they are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts, compared to 7% who say they are less likely.

Edison Research

People are searching for not only entertainment, but information. Does your business lend itself to a podcast platform? Here are some companies that have had success integrating podcasts into their brand messaging. While some of these Podcasts may not seem current, they were successful to solve a specific situation that the company was having.

  • The Message” by GE created engaging stories that listeners can enjoy while communicating brand messaging about existing GE Technology.
  • The Sauce” by McDonald’s was only 3 ‘investigative podcasts’. but it was a very successful effort to combat a PR problem regarding their Szechuan sauce.
  • #Lipstories” by Sephora is a Podcast that features influential women telling their own #Lipstories to encourage other female leaders, creators and activists.
  • Inside Trader Joe’s” by Trader Joe’s might be a grocery store, but after launching they landed the #5 spot on iTunes!
  • Rise and Grind” by ZipRecruiter hosted by Daymond John (host of Shark Tank) focuses on helping businesses find the right person for the right job.
  • Open for Business” by eBay is a podcast that is told in an interview style focusing on entrepreneurs who grew their business from scratch into a full fledged company.
  • “The Distance” by Basecamp is a podcast that studies companies that have survived 25 years or more.
  • Innovation” by Johnson & Johnson is based on advancing healthcare through collaboration, exploring the most recent trends, and topics in healthcare.
  • future” by Microsoft is a discussion revolving around the future of technology, heath, data and gaming.
  • Slack Variety Pack” by Slack is all about work – teams, culture, innovation and everything else that affects our modern workplaces.

Seriously check these out! They’re great and I promise that they’re inspirational if you’re looking for a unique way to connect and entertain your customers through these challenging times.