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At My Brother Darryl, we’re not your average accessibility enthusiast.

We’re a vibrant squad of designers and developers that thrive on making a splash! Our journey is fueled by expertise, and our passion ignites as we craft inclusive digital narratives that leave lasting impressions.

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Unlocking the power of inclusion

Did you know that over 67 million people in North America live with disabilities?

Contrary to what many think, their spending power exceeds 600 billion dollars annually. Imagine the potential when your digital space speaks to them!

  • IAAP Certified WAS Specialist

  • WCAG 2.1 Level A, AA, AAA
  • Accessible Canada Act (ACA – Bill C-81)
  • AODA & Provincial Legislation
  • American Disability Act (ADA) & Section 508
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Accessible Website Design

We’re not just about making websites accessible – we’re about making them irresistibly engaging for everyone. Our creative wizards blend accessibility guidelines with captivating design, ensuring your online presence resonates with all, making a lasting impact.

Design Auditing

If you have the design, we have the tools to uncover accessibility issues. Our design audits based on WCAG accessibility standards cover everything from initial branding to website and digital assets. Our design audits illuminate the path to inclusivity, delivering actionable insights that give your designs access to a wider audience.

Full Website Development

From dream to digital reality! Our team dives headfirst into your aspirations, translating them into accessible websites that captivate, educate, and resonate with diverse audiences. Whether your site is informational, e-commerce, or something unique, your website development is in good hands from concept to fruition. We develop websites on all major platforms.

Accessibility Audits

We’re champions of quality assurance. Our rigorous audits dissect your website, ensuring it meets or exceeds accessibility standards and legislations, thus amplifying its impact across the digital landscape. Delivering audits using easy-to-read reports that identify by priority – the issues, who it impacts, and how they should be remediated.

Website Remediation

Cracked code and barriers to access? We’re the remedy! Our full-service remediation solutions make accessibility issues vanish. We will help you through the process of ensuring that your website meets accessibility goals.

Accessible Road-Mapping

Step one, step two, step three! We help you break up your website accessibility enhancements into achievable stages that ensure that the most impactful changes happen first.

How we work

Our journey begins with you. We’re not just web developers; we’re your partners in accessible transformation. With an ear attuned to your dreams and an eye trained on detail, we dive into projects headfirst, ensuring your vision aligns seamlessly with accessibility excellence.

How does an Accessible Website benefit your business?

Accessibility Matters

In a world of endless possibilities, we believe accessibility is the key to unlocking them all. That’s why we’ve ensured this website is designed to be inclusively enjoyed. If you encounter any accessibility barriers, please let us know so we can make your experience even better.